Ledaig 15

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle styling. Nondescript.

Nose: Fresh linen when first poured, gentle smoke then stronger notes of sherry and honey as it opens up.

Body: Medium bodied. Waxy.

Palate: A lot of honey, more sherry, a little citrus (orange, lemon and lime in equal parts) and building menthol as it transitions into the finish.

Finish: The phenol’s dominate but aren’t overpowering. Also some sour green apple, white pepper and menthol ash.

Neat/Ice/Water: 43%. Neat.

Verdict: Quaffable. I got this now discontinued distillery bottling at auction on the strength of previous Ledaig/Tobermory bottlings I’d tried here and there and I’m not disappointed. Always robust and full bodied, this dram follows suit if a little lighter than the previous incumbents. It’s good without being great. Gently warming and smokey/sweet it’s a well balanced malt with the palate being the best part of the experience.You’ll still be able to find it in a few places but I’m seeing it retail at £150 which is too much for what you get. Auction sites seem much kinder for some reason and circa £65 + incidentals will get you one which is decent value for money if you like this sort of thing.

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