Glen Elgin-Glenlivet 1995 21 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection bottling.

Nose: Green grapes and shoe polish. It’s musty and almost leathery but with fruit at its centre. It shouldn’t work but it does. With a little breathing, some cinnamon and clove show up. Great start…

Body: Medium bodied and waxy. A little mineral fizz to it as well which I always like.

Palate:Initially, lemon sherbet and quite sweet but it shifts quickly into something more herbal and peppery. The tail end has a tinge of vinyl and a little greasiness to it. This is an interesting one I must say.

Finish: Lime zest, menthol lights, blackberry and a dollop of single cream.

Neat/Ice/Water: 54.7%. With water the sweetness increases and the herbs recede a little. It’s actually very good either way. I was going to call it neat but now I’m happy sipping on the fence…

Verdict: Quaffable.  Another first for me as I’ve never had a Glen Elgin before. No regrets about this one, very nice indeed, as I’ve come to expect from the crew at Cadenhead’s. This dram will keep your mouth interested, it’s a little gymnastic in it’s flavour profile (in a good way). It’s tart and creamy, sweet and sour, effervescent yet brackish if that makes any sense at all? Not for guzzling but great for tasting. Only 240 bottles and still in stock at £71 quid. Not sure I’d buy a second but I’m sure glad I bought the first.

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