Linkwood-Glenlivet 1997 19 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s small batch bottling.

Nose: Model glue, rosemary and golden syrup when first poured. As it breathes, a big hit of meringue. Lovely.

Body: Medium and sticky. Very nice mouth feel actually.

Palate: Starts with fizzy sweetness like lemon sherbet but with a herbal twist, then oatcakes and honey. Madeleine cakes at the end. Really good.

Finish: The cereal, cakey, sweetness fades slowly and the rosemary returns alongside some table salt and white pepper. Good length. A bit of heat at the death.

Neat/Ice/Water: 53.2% and very drinkable neat although best left to breathe for at least 10 minutes otherwise it’s dense. Watering it just makes it a little soapy. Neat all the way.

Verdict: Superior. I was sitting on the train one Friday night in late January, on my way home from work , shattered, when I spotted this on the Cadenhead’s London website. Apparently, it was a special release back in December for export only but due to high demand in the UK, a few were made available for the London shop. Juggling my can of Stella, phone and credit card, I purchased one with all due speed (along with a Glen Grant 23 small batch that I tried whilst camping – a story for another time). Not disappointed I must say. Linkwood rarely fails to deliver and this is a good one. Surprisingly, still available in London at £67, this is something of a bargain.

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