Yamazaki 12

Bottle: Standard distillery bottling. Simple, minimalist and clean.

Nose: Runny honey, cinnamon, rice wine, barley sugar.

Body: Lighter side of medium. Velvety.

Palate: Vanilla, marmalade, peeled green apple, clove and a little charcoal. Generous and complex. Dances around the palate so nicely.

Finish: Shortish but very elegant. Butter menthol, tobacco and wood. Fades delicately and gracefully.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. 43%.

Verdict: Superior. This normally retails at around £90 which, in my opinion, is on the slightly expensive side of worth it. Due to the demand for good Japanese whisky these days you’ll only be allowed to buy 1 bottle too. I got lucky with this in that a friend of a friend  (Cheers Q) was clearing out some of his bottles and I got one for £50! Bargain! Apparently the guy will be part of our extended group at this years Campbelltown Festival so I’ll be shaking his hand (and hoping he might have some more at that price)… This is wonderful stuff, especially once it hits the shoulder of the bottle. Better than the NAS Distillers Reserve by a few degrees but obviously not in the same league (or price bracket) as the superlative 18 (which I’ll review one day when I can muster up the courage to break the seal). If it was more available, I’d make it a resident without a second thought. Oishi.

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