Glen Elgin 12

Bottle: Something of a fusion between the classic whisky bottle and a dumpier style bottle. Nose: Faint nail varnish, brown sugar, cereals. Body: Light and silky. Palate: Very soft. Glides down. Boiled sweets, a little black pepper, honey and butter. Finish:  Medium length. Barley, a hint of lime and faint smoke. Neat/Ice/Water: 43% and soft already […]

Springbank Local Barley Trilogy

@jasonwhiskylova & @CuanBrown pushed the boat out and did something a bit special over the Easter weekend. Not one, not two but 3 Springbank Local Barley releases, all reviewed and contrasted in the same sitting. How did this come to pass? We had 50% each in a spare 11, I had a spare 16 and […]

Springbank Local Barley 2006 11 year old

Bottle: Springbank local barley bottling 2017 release (9000 bottles out turn). Nose: Acetone, a little wood smoke and toffee apple. Body: Oily and a touch brackish. Palate: Runny honey, lemon zest, oregano and minerals. Finish: Medium length and slightly medicinal, some wood smoke returns and cinnamon heat rounds it out. Neat/Ice/Water: 53.1%. Water makes the nose muskier, the palate smokier […]

Springbank Local Barley 1999 16 year old

Bottle: Springbank local barley bottling 2016 release (9000 bottles out turn). Nose: Sugared almonds, wood glue and caramelized sugar. Body: Oily. Palate: Fizzy like popping candy? Tea, green peppercorns, honeycomb and sugar cane. Finish: Medium length and quite subtle with an underlying cayenne heat. Leather, old bookcases, gun oil and butter. Neat/Ice/Water: 54.3%. Some real red chili heat when you […]

Springbank Local Barley 1999 14 year old

  Bottle: Springbank Society 10th anniversary bottling. A special release to Springbank Society members with an out turn of 546 bottles only. Nose: Turkish delight, milk chocolate, creme brulee and faint smoke. Body: Syrupy and viscous. Palate: Molasses, balsamic vinegar and menthol cigarettes. A little popping candy (like 16 barley barley). Glorious this is… Finish: Long […]

Ledaig 1997 19 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s single cask bottling with the gold label that distinguishes it from their small batch bottlings. Nose: Toffee, tobacco, leather and cocoa powder. Body: Medium and oily to begin with but gets fizzy later on. Palate: Milk chocolate, soft smoke, brine and charred pineapple. Finish: Quite long. Burnt rubber, lemon cream and table salt. This […]

Aberlour 18

Bottle: Standard Aberlour dumpy style bottle Nose: Creme caramel, Worcestershire sauce, liquorice. Body: Lighter side of medium. A really nice mouth feel to it. Quite soft. Palate: Apricot, milk chocolate, some spice creeping in (light dustings of white pepper and cayenne) ending with a little tobacco and wood. Finish:  Tobacco note keeps going and orange zest […]