Springbank Local Barley 2006 11 year old

Bottle: Springbank local barley bottling 2017 release (9000 bottles out turn).

Nose: Acetone, a little wood smoke and toffee apple.

Body: Oily and a touch brackish.

Palate: Runny honey, lemon zest, oregano and minerals.

Finish: Medium length and slightly medicinal, some wood smoke returns and cinnamon heat rounds it out.

Neat/Ice/Water: 53.1%. Water makes the nose muskier, the palate smokier and the finish gets some Szechuan pepper. Doesn’t really make it better though so you could go either way.

Verdict: Average. This lacks the depth and complexity of it’s predecessors. While the bar was set pretty high with those, it doesn’t come anywhere near the standard of quality of it’s forebears. It’s tastes too young and incomplete. The flavour profile is unconventional and it has a herbal note that jars with the light sour and smoke profile of the rest of the dram. Why would they release it in this state? Was it that the demand for local barley releases meant some fast bucks by rushing it out? Or, was it that it was never going to get any better anyway? Either way, I wouldn’t repeat purchase even at the original £85 price. Disappointing.

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