Springbank Local Barley Trilogy


@jasonwhiskylova & @CuanBrown pushed the boat out and did something a bit special over the Easter weekend. Not one, not two but 3 Springbank Local Barley releases, all reviewed and contrasted in the same sitting. How did this come to pass? We had 50% each in a spare 11, I had a spare 16 and the elusive 14 came up at auction. We’d both tried the 14 a few years back, when it was first released and were suitably impressed. Were subsequent local barley releases going to be anywhere near that standard? True the out turns of the 14 vs the other 2 are wildly different but how good would they be? The demand for local barley releases seems to be going from strength to strength with each release generating quicker sell outs than the last. Why? Are they that consistently good or has the brand now overtaken the product?

The 14 was the hands down winner but we always knew it would be. It’s a very special dram indeed. The 16 came not too far behind it without really threatening to take the lead. The 11 limped in over the line rather out of sorts… The common pedigree is there throughout, you can taste the similarity running through them whilst noticing the individuality of each. As far as the quality, well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad… To answer the original question, I think the brand is safe enough based on what’s been released in the last few years. It’s been pretty darn good but after the last release, there’s a bit of cloud in the silver lining. The next release will speak volumes one way or another. Looking forward to it.

To get the detailed individual reviews follow these links:

Springbank Local Barley 1999 14 year old

Springbank Local Barley 1999 16 year old

Springbank Local Barley 2006 11 year old

Hope you found this as interesting as we did.


Jason & Cuan

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