Glen Elgin 12

Bottle: Something of a fusion between the classic whisky bottle and a dumpier style bottle.

Nose: Faint nail varnish, brown sugar, cereals.

Body: Light and silky.

Palate: Very soft. Glides down. Boiled sweets, a little black pepper, honey and butter.

Finish:  Medium length. Barley, a hint of lime and faint smoke.

Neat/Ice/Water: 43% and soft already so no water here please.

Verdict: Quaffable. This was a pleasant surprise for a standard distillery bottling 12 year old. Lightly sherried and soft without being dull, in fact, it’s quite tasty in it’s own way. Very easy to drink without being anonymous. If all that is a result of the “hand crafted” and somewhat antique method of production that the bottle notes espouse then I’m all for it. A Cadenhead’s bottling I tried not so long ago was also very good so I’m definitely starting to become a believer in this distillery. For around £40 you cannot go wrong with this.

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