Auchroisk 22 year old cask #HL12303 (Old Malt Cask)

Bottle: Standard Old Malt Cask bottling by Hunter Laing.  This single cask bottling was distilled in 1994. Refill hogshead.

Nose: Orange juice, vanilla, icing sugar, some floral notes. Really fresh and inviting. Lovely to breath.

Body: Medium and velvety.

Palate: Wonderfully soft with orange meringue, dark chocolate sprinkles, cola popping candy. It’s a desert whisky for sure. Glorious!

Finish: Long and gently warming. Subtle but delicious with vanilla fudge, oak and faint fresh red capsicum right at the fade.

Neat/Ice/Water: 50% (all OMC releases are bottled at this strength). Neat. Under no circumstances should this be watered.

Verdict: Superior.  You’ll be very lucky indeed if you can find this one anywhere now. 125 bottles only and at this level of quality it was never going to last. The OMC range prides itself on the finest single cask releases and this is a shining example. Fabulous at every stage, I just can’t fault it anywhere. Ridiculously drinkable, it has class and poise in spades. I came across it at last years TWE Whisky Show and it was my second favourite dram of the day which isn’t bad considering the number that I sampled! Walked out with one, managed to not leave it on the train and got it safely home before collapsing in a whisky soaked heap. Always a great day out. The next day, not so much… I think it cost me somewhere between £80-£100 but I can’t be sure. Regardless, I really wish I’d bought 2. If I ever see it at auction, it’ll be game on.

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