Tobermory 1994 21 year old cask #660881 (SMoS)

Bottle: A Single Malts of Scotland bottling that comes with classic styling. The rear label tells me that the range are all vintage selections based on cask quality and character.

Nose: Honey, light smoke, brown sugar and a gingerbread man with some icing.

Body: Medium and sticky. Amazing mouth feel.

Palate: Generous and finely balanced. Caramelized sugar and stewed fruits before salted lemons and (almost) smoked Bavarian cheese.

Finish: Long. Gentle smoke, sea air, menthol cigarettes, Lightly salted butter, mixed citrus.

Neat/Ice/Water: 55.4%.  With some water the nose loses the honey and gets more minerals. The rest is just the same but with the volume turned down. Personally,  I wouldn’t water it. This is one beast that shouldn’t be tamed.

Verdict: Superior (knocking on the door of Stunning). This one I tried at the 2015 TWE Whisky Show in London and it was one of the standouts of the day. I remember the guy pouring it at the time telling us it had been getting rave reviews from the punters over that weekend. After tasting it I could see why. The bottle I bought has somehow made it this far without being opened but it’s luck just ran out! Big and robust it certainly ain’t bashful. Confidence and character in spades. Doesn’t really have any weaknesses and you could (but shouldn’t) drink it for hours.  So far I really like the SMoS range based on what I’ve tried. Quality every time.

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