Cardhu Gold Reserve

Bottle: Squat and dimpled on the sides. Kinda cute. Eye-catching on 45 degree angle.

Nose: Honey and toffee apple. A little on the faint side.

Body: Light and kinda watery if I’m being honest.

Palate: Honey, toasted cereals, oak. and red apple skins.

Finish: Medium length with barley sugar, faint faint lemon zest and a little cayenne which outlasts all the other flavours.

Neat/Ice/Water: It’s so understated at 40% that no water is required unless you’re not actually in the mood for a whisky to begin with…

Verdict: Average. This no age statement bottling seemed to improve for me at half fill. Initially I was pretty unimpressed at the limp delivery on all fronts. Apparently with some breathing it puffs its chest out a little and becomes pleasant enough if fairly innocuous. It’s very smooth and nicely warming. Zero peat or complexity here. Serious whisky drinkers need not waste their time. Safe as houses for everyone else. It’s not worth £47 either, you can get much better, even in the supermarket, for that kind of money. Got it for Fathers Day from my kids, bless ’em.

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