Royal Brackla 1995 12 year old (Old Malt Cask)

Bottle: Standard Old Malt Cask bottling by Hunter Laing.  This single cask bottling was distilled in 1994. Refill hogshead.

Nose: Wet grass, faint varnish and a strong hit of vanilla. Yum!

Body: Lighter side of medium. Silky/creamy.

Palate: Candy bananas and coconut oil at the off before shifting to an almost cointreau like orange taste with dark chocolate shavings. Smooth and effortless to drink.

Finish: Long with green banana, herbal notes, toasted oak and pencil sharpenings.

Neat/Ice/Water: 50% (all OMC releases are bottled at this strength). Neat.

Verdict: Superior.  Sooo pleasantly surprised by this one! A really nice dram. It’s soft and light in body and tone but certainly not lacking in flavour. Quite summery but with a spicy undertone to keep things lively. No real flaws other than I’m never going to find it again. 301 bottles from August 2008, no wonder I can’t find it anywhere. I bought mine at auction a couple of months ago and managed to get it for £45 which to my mind is a stonking bargain for a dram of this caliber. It’s also an exclusive World Duty Free release which would normally make me run a mile. I have a theory that airport whisky which isn’t readily available is lower grade product they can’t sell through conventional channels. I have to say this bottle has challenged said theory and renewed my enthusiasm for bargain hunting at auctions.

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