Bunnahabhain 12

Bottle: Dumpy style bottle in black glass.

Nose: Boiled sweets, red cherries, waxed leather and seaweed.

Body: Medium and syrupy. A good mouth coat.

Palate: Boiled sweets remain, strong sherry hit, mildly spicy and faintly medicinal in the tail. Coastal undertones.

Finish: Long and salty with strong sherry and herbal notes.

Neat/Ice/Water: 46.3%. A few drops of water accentuates the leather in the nose and the mouth gets much sweeter and less medicinal. I prefer it this way actually.

Verdict: Quaffable. From one of my favourite Islay distillers, this is the standard, garden variety, 12 year old available just about anywhere. If you wait til it’s on sale which it regularly is at places like Waitrose or Tesco then you can pick it up for £30 otherwise it may be as high as £40 depending on where you shop. Either way it’s worth it. If you drink a reasonably wide range of whiskies like me then after a time you’ll want a break from experimental wood finishes, cask strengh, heavy peat or sherry monsters. This is that whisky. just open it, enjoy it and don’t over analyse it. Focus on something else and relax. If it wasn’t for Highland Park 12 just edging it in this department I’d make it a resident. As it stands, I just wait til it’s on special and slip it into the shopping trolley when the missus looks the other way…

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