Kilkerran 8 (Cask Strength)

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle. The labeling is clean and unpretentious. A bit of history on the back to reintroduce this Campbelltown distillery that was only reopened in 2004 after a very long hiatus.

Nose: The beach (I can almost hear seagulls) and then some pastry and maybe a Marlboro light being lit up. Oh yeah… this is like the summer of ’91.

Body: Medium and quite waxy.

Palate: Waxed lemon rind, icing sugar, black pepper, and menthol smoke. Well balanced for an 8 year old.

Finish: Good length and gets hotter as it goes. Sour herbal notes, flint and the menthol smoke hangs around to the end.

Neat/Ice/Water: At 56.2% it has some heat. I prefer a little ice in this one to keep it friendly. It gets much creamier in the mouth without losing much flavour. The heat is turned down as well.

Verdict: Quaffable (knocking on the door of Superior). This was a limited edition release that came out a few months after the 12 year old hit the market. At £48 quid and on the strong showing of the 12, it flew off the shelves fairly fast. Still available online here and there in the high £50’s to £60’s. Absolutely worth it at any of those prices if you like a lightly peated, fresh and zesty dram. A little water or ice adds a lovely dollop of single cream to proceedings and with the length of the finish, you’ll find yourself settling in and getting very comfortable indeed.

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