Springbank 12 Burgundy Cask

Bottle: Limited release distillery bottling released mid 2016.

Nose: Redcurrant, cranberry and haylofts. With a little breathing some rather nice toffee apple emerges.

Body: Medium and sticky.

Palate: Sweet and opulent. Boiled lollies, candy bananas and fruit salad with whipped cream. Faint herbs in the tail. Absolutely smashing!

Finish: Long. Liquorice and mint dominate with smidges of creme brulee here and there…

Neat/Ice/Water: 53.5% Neat. Not even going to test any watering. Not up for discussion.

Verdict: Superior (knocking on the door of Stunning). Matured in first fill Burgundy casks. This one has a long arc by which I mean the flavours take their time to unravel. The mouth is grandiose and moves in considered stages. the finish is quite long and well structured. Very elegant stuff indeed. A perfect desert whisky, so sweet and luxurious. No weaknesses to speak of other than the lack of availability. Outturn of 10,260 bottles and they vanished when initially released at £60. I only wish I’d bought 3 of them as now they retail at £150. Would I pay that now? No, but at auction at just under £100 I absolutely would.

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