Togouchi Premium

Bottle: Dumpy style bottle with frosted green glass and a slightly tacky gold screw top. Label is in French and Japanese. I’m not entirely sure why…

Nose: Faint smell of the beach. Sand, sea air, dry seaweed etc.

Body: The colour is so pale it’s bordering on translucent. Watery and limp.

Palate: Light butterscotch and single cream. Faint smoke in the tail.

Finish: Gently warming, light smoke, faint boiled sweets.

Neat/Ice/Water: So light to begin with that it already feels a little watered.

Verdict: Average. This is a bit of a strange one in terms of it’s pedigree. It’s not actually Japanese whisky at all. It’s Scottish malt and Canadian grain whisky that’s been blended in Japan and then matured in an unfinished railway tunnel inside a mountain somewhere. Hmm ok. I saw it at the supermarket and thought I’d roll the dice. It was only £40 or so. Does this rather strange set of circumstances deliver anything noteworthy? The answer is, not really. You can drink it easily enough but it’s pretty boring and bland. If this is their “premium” effort then I’ll be dodging this blender from here on in. Inoffensive but dull.

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