Scallywag 13 year old (Sherry Edition)

Bottle: A Douglas Laing limited edition bottling of the Scallywag blend, matured in sweet sherry butts. The rear label goes into some detail around the life and times of the Fox Terrier that the range is named after.

Nose: Bounty chocolate bar, freshly picked raspberries and an old Chesterfield.

Body: Light and fresh.

Palate: Red berry mix, caramelized brown sugar and fruitcake.

Finish: Medium length with a spicy citrus twist. Drying.

Neat/Ice/Water: 46%. Neat. Water destroys this one.

Verdict: Quaffable. Very actually. I tried the regular Scallywag black label at the TWE show a few years back and was impressed enough to photo it on the day. Never got around to buying that one but when this limited edition sherried version popped up, I was very curious indeed. This is a light and pleasant, easy drinking blend with almost Sangria like characteristics. Quite sweet yet fresh and a little tart. Goes for around £50 which is decent value for what you get. Would happily repeat purchase but it’s limited edition so it won’t be around for ever. Worth a look if you enjoy lighter, sherried whisky.

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