Kilkerran 2006 11 year old Rum Barrel

Bottle: It’s a Cadenhead’s small batch style bottle for a Kilkerran warehouse tasting.

Nose: Dusty vinyl, mixed citrus and sugar crusted pastry.

Body: Thick and syrupy.

Palate: Milk bottles and sugared almonds shifting to an intense liquorice, sour apple and lychees.

Finish: Long, dry and flinty.

Neat/Ice/Water: 57.7%. Too hot and thick neat, this really comes alive with a little water or ice.

Verdict: Superior (with ice). This is an absolute beast when drunk neat. Ultra dense and intense, it’s too much for me but when I ice it, the whole thing suddenly makes sense. The intensity reduces to a pleasant sherberty fizz and big desert pastry mouthfuls are suddenly on offer. Not available for general sale, these go for upwards of £150 at auction. This particular bottle was a purchase by proxy from this years Campbelltown Festival. I couldn’t make it on account of a herniated disc so a mate went there armed with some of my money. Wisely he chose this bottle as, wisely I’ve chosen to open it…

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