Glentauchers 1998 17 year old (G&M)


Bottle: Gordon & MacPhail’s cask strength collection which is non-chill filtered and without colouring.

Nose: Beeswax, butter toffee and polished leather shoes. After 5 minutes of breathing time I’m getting some dusty books creeping in as well.

Body: The border of medium bodied and heavy with good stickiness.

Palate: Predominantly sweet with maple syrup, popping candy and milk chocolate at the end. Some light balsamic around the edges. This is decent.

Finish: Reasonable length. Gets more sour and a cayenne heat rolls in gently while it lasts. Some burnt granary toast in the middle before it dries out.

Neat/Ice/Water: 56.8%. I can go either way here. A little water makes it even sweeter without toning down the core flavours too much. Takes the edge off the popping candy yet introduces damp tobacco. Hmm undecided in the nicest possible way…

Verdict: Quaffable. This small batch cask strength bottling from G&M was matured in 3 refill sherry casks (#2410,#2412 & #2416). This is a solid and satisfying dram with good sherry influenced characteristics that won’t disappoint. The sweetness of it with the underlying fizz in the mouth is best part. It’s not too strong even though it’s cask strength but it can take a little water gracefully. I picked this up for £55 at auction which feels like good value. Actually it is, it retails at about £75 which might be stretching the friendship a little. Still available from some online retailers at the time of writing.

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