Aberlour 16


Bottle: Standard Aberlour dumpy style bottle

Nose: Orange juice, acetone and faint clove.

Body: Lighter side of medium and a little waxy.

Palate: Orange pulp inc. pith, black pepper and light herbal notes at the end.

Finish:  Salty, mixed citrus with decent length. A little flat in the end.

Neat/Ice/Water: 40%. Neat.

Verdict: Quaffable. It’s been a long time between drinks… blog wise anyway. Selling a house, rental renegotiation, moving jobs and all of them at the same time! Exhale… During such tumultuous times the whisky blogging takes a back seat. The whisky drinking is just fine however, I did smash up a Glen Grant 22 and a Glen Scotia 18, both excellent Cadenhead releases, since my last post. Sadly, I can’t add these 2 to the blog due to the fact those bottles are now completely empty. Back to the business at hand… Aberlour 16 is good whisky. The 18 is a little better from memory but also costs a lot more. I got this one discounted at Waitrose for £35 which is a good price as it retails for £50 normally. Happy at £35 but not so sure at £50 (I wouldn’t be disappointed but at that price I’d go exploring other malts before buying a second bottle). This has been matured in traditional oak and sherry oak casks and is part of the standard range so should be readily available. The big orange notes in the nose and mouth are the best part for me, whilst the finish falls a little flat.




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