Highland Park 2003 14 year old (Whisky Broker)


Bottle: Shorter/squatter style bottle with a hard shoulder. Whisky Broker independent bottling.

Nose: Honey, beeswax, dry seaweed and scorched rubber.

Body: Velvety and waxy. Medium.

Palate: Butterscotch, smoke and menthol in that order. The menthol in particular is a big hit at the end.

Finish:  Menthol has moved in and it is not leaving. Medium length. Hot and drying.

Neat/Ice/Water: At 57.9% this is a little hot when poured neat but doable if you are used to cask strength. I prefer to ice this as it takes the sweetness to another level and gives me candy floss and ash on top.

Verdict: Superior. This is a big Highland Park. Bold, boisterous and punchy. As soon as it hits your mouth you know about it. Equally sweet and salty with that lovely dollop of HP smoke. Matured in a single hogshead (cask #739), there are only 237 bottles available, all of which have long since sold out. This cost £68 on release which to my mind is incredibly good value for the quality on offer. Very solid, any whisky connoisseur would love this.

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