Cadenhead Creations 44 year old


Bottle: Cadenhead’s Creations bottling.

Nose: Fudge, grenadine, salted macadamias, Parma ham. Inviting yet subtle.

Body: Light and silky at first but gets oilier in the finish.

Palate: Vanilla, single cream, vanilla, a touch of lemon and orange zest, vanilla and faint oak.

Finish: Not massive in length but it compensates by being insanely well balanced. The transition from mouth to finish is seamless with yep, you guessed it, vanilla, palmier pastry and some forest fruits.

Neat/Ice/Water: 43.4%. Only neat will do.

Verdict: Superior. Casked in 1973 this small batch blend from Scotland’s oldest independent bottler is made up of Glenfarclas and Glenlivet malt whisky as well as Invergordon grain whisky, all of which spent a year marrying in a fresh sherry hogshead. Now this is the sort of menage a trois that does it for me (these days)… With the youngest participant being 44 years old, there is savoir faire in abundance… Innuendo aside, it is very much a hedonistic experience to drink this. Very elegant, smooth and creamy. It’s a treat. 346 bottles only. Released a few weeks back at £158 it’s all sold out I think. Pricey but worth it, if you want to treat yourself, which I did.


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