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Bottle: Slightly older style Chieftain’s bottling from 2001. These are marketed as rare malts for connoisseur’s.

Nose: Wet hay, lemon peel, dusty books.

Body: Lighter side of medium.

Palate: Green bell pepper, turpentine, black peppercorn and chalk.

Finish: Short and uninspiring. Chalky and sour with more lemon.

Neat/Ice/Water: 43%. Not sure it matters.

Verdict: Average (knocking on the door of Avoid). Sometimes with online auctions I’ll wait til the last hour or so and then go bargain hunting, looking at whichever bottles are going cheap i.e. a lazy/lucky dip. Sometimes you get pleasantly surprised and get a decent bottle for a good price. This bottle is not one of those times. While it didn’t cost much, I can tell you right now that the fill level on this is going to stay pretty stable for some time. It’s even worse when freshly opened and has to get past the shoulder to become bearable. None of the sweetness or vanilla associated with a rum finish either. Just kind of sour and disagreeable (like me right now… a herniated disc in my back has prevented me from going to this year’s Campbelltown festival!).

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