Kilkerran 2006 11 year old Rum Barrel

Bottle: It’s a Cadenhead’s small batch style bottle for a Kilkerran warehouse tasting. Nose: Dusty vinyl, mixed citrus and sugar crusted pastry. Body: Thick and syrupy. Palate: Milk bottles and sugared almonds shifting to an intense liquorice, sour apple and lychees. Finish: Long, dry and flinty. Neat/Ice/Water: 57.7%. Too hot and thick neat, this really comes alive with […]

Springbank 12 Burgundy Cask

Bottle: Limited release distillery bottling released mid 2016. Nose: Redcurrant, cranberry and haylofts. With a little breathing some rather nice toffee apple emerges. Body: Medium and sticky. Palate: Sweet and opulent. Boiled lollies, candy bananas and fruit salad with whipped cream. Faint herbs in the tail. Absolutely smashing! Finish: Long. Liquorice and mint dominate with […]

Kilkerran 8 (Cask Strength)

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle. The labeling is clean and unpretentious. A bit of history on the back to reintroduce this Campbelltown distillery that was only reopened in 2004 after a very long hiatus. Nose: The beach (I can almost hear seagulls) and then some pastry and maybe a Marlboro light being lit up. Oh yeah… […]

Hazelburn 2003 13 year old (Oloroso Cask)

Bottle: Standard Springbank stable bottling. Nose: Wet grass, sauvignon blanc, sultanas and demerara sugar. Not quite what I was expecting. A bit greener than your average sherried nose. Body: Medium and sticky. Palate: Strawberry conserve, brown sugar, cafe latte and ginger biscuits. Finish: Medium length and waxy. Cola bottles sours,  green grapes and white chocolate. […]

Springbank 11 year old (Warehouse sample)

Bottle: Duty paid sample for trade purposes only. Warehouse no.7, rotation number 271, distilled 8/7/2005. Nose: An intense combination or raisin, model glue, new car tyre and liquorice allsorts. It’s kinda wild but balanced. With additional breathing time, the rubber note fades and black cherry starts creeping in. Requires at least 5 minutes before sipping. […]

Springbank Local Barley Trilogy

@jasonwhiskylova & @CuanBrown pushed the boat out and did something a bit special over the Easter weekend. Not one, not two but 3 Springbank Local Barley releases, all reviewed and contrasted in the same sitting. How did this come to pass? We had 50% each in a spare 11, I had a spare 16 and […]

Springbank Local Barley 2006 11 year old

Bottle: Springbank local barley bottling 2017 release (9000 bottles out turn). Nose: Acetone, a little wood smoke and toffee apple. Body: Oily and a touch brackish. Palate: Runny honey, lemon zest, oregano and minerals. Finish: Medium length and slightly medicinal, some wood smoke returns and cinnamon heat rounds it out. Neat/Ice/Water: 53.1%. Water makes the nose muskier, the palate smokier […]

Springbank Local Barley 1999 16 year old

Bottle: Springbank local barley bottling 2016 release (9000 bottles out turn). Nose: Sugared almonds, wood glue and caramelized sugar. Body: Oily. Palate: Fizzy like popping candy? Tea, green peppercorns, honeycomb and sugar cane. Finish: Medium length and quite subtle with an underlying cayenne heat. Leather, old bookcases, gun oil and butter. Neat/Ice/Water: 54.3%. Some real red chili heat when you […]

Springbank Local Barley 1999 14 year old

  Bottle: Springbank Society 10th anniversary bottling. A special release to Springbank Society members with an out turn of 546 bottles only. Nose: Turkish delight, milk chocolate, creme brulee and faint smoke. Body: Syrupy and viscous. Palate: Molasses, balsamic vinegar and menthol cigarettes. A little popping candy (like 16 barley barley). Glorious this is… Finish: Long […]

A couple of very special Springbanks

So it’s new years eve and @cuanbrown is around and we are sitting on a couple of ridiculously unobtanium Springbanks, courtesy of Magnus Fagerstorm in Sweden. We don’t have huge pours of the stuff but will soldier on regardless… Here goes… Springbank 32 year old Bottle: Sample bottle Nose: Honey, old book cases, leather, turpentine. Body: […]