Highland Park 2003 14 year old (Whisky Broker)

Bottle: Shorter/squatter style bottle with a hard shoulder. Whisky Broker independent bottling. Nose: Honey, beeswax, dry seaweed and scorched rubber. Body: Velvety and waxy. Medium. Palate: Butterscotch, smoke and menthol in that order. The menthol in particular is a big hit at the end. Finish:  Menthol has moved in and it is not leaving. Medium […]

Tobermory 1994 21 year old cask #660881 (SMoS)

Bottle: A Single Malts of Scotland bottling that comes with classic styling. The rear label tells me that the range are all vintage selections based on cask quality and character. Nose: Honey, light smoke, brown sugar and a gingerbread man with some icing. Body: Medium and sticky. Amazing mouth feel. Palate: Generous and finely balanced. Caramelized […]

Ledaig 1997 19 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s single cask bottling with the gold label that distinguishes it from their small batch bottlings. Nose: Toffee, tobacco, leather and cocoa powder. Body: Medium and oily to begin with but gets fizzy later on. Palate: Milk chocolate, soft smoke, brine and charred pineapple. Finish: Quite long. Burnt rubber, lemon cream and table salt. This […]

Ledaig 15

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle styling. Nondescript. Nose: Fresh linen when first poured, gentle smoke then stronger notes of sherry and honey as it opens up. Body: Medium bodied. Waxy. Palate: A lot of honey, more sherry, a little citrus (orange, lemon and lime in equal parts) and building menthol as it transitions into the finish. […]

Caermory 15 year old Special Selection

Bottle: Classic. These are limited edition,Tobermory produced, special single cask bottlings, distilled in 1993. Nose: Pine, salted butter, pear. Body: Soft and velvety. Palate: Raspberry jelly, blackcurrant, lemon peel and sour apple ending with a medicinal twist. Finish: Long and warming. The sour, medicinal notes linger and get hotter with some cayenne before it gracefully […]

Tobermory 1994 20 year old Sherry Finish (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling. Nose: Blackcurrant, balsamic, cocoa and pork crackling. Dry, robust and intriguing. Liking this. It’s got what I’d describe as a dirty sherry nose. Body: Thick and nectarish. Palate: Lightly spicy. The balsamic and cocoa remain from the nose, sour black cherry, liquorice and it does have a meatiness about […]

Jura Prophecy

Bottle: The squat, sort of hourglass shape that all distillery bottling’s at the moment carry. Something about it doesn’t really appeal to me aesthetically. Maybe it’s the giant Egyptian hieroglyphic eye staring back at me? Nose: Sweet smoke like burnt cotton candy. A touch of wet seaweed as well. This is nice to breathe actually. Body: […]

Highland Park-Glenlivet 1988 27 year old Claret Finish (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling. Nose: Dusty. Toffee apple, redcurrant and faint sea salt. Body: Medium and a little waxy. Palate: Turkish delight, a little orange zest and some clove in there too. Finish: Orange juice & faint strawberry, white pepper and gentle sulphur. Neat/Ice/Water: It’s a little hot drunk neat (53.3%) and a little watering […]

Highland Park Dark Origins

Bottle: Standard HP shape but with blackened glass so you can’t see the spirit until poured. The label tells me it’s a double first fill sherry cask maturation. Nose: Dry, musty, cocoa and cinnamon. Some orange peel and liquorice too. Not a huge nose on it. A bit of lit match sulphur creeps in every now […]

Highland Park 19 year old (SMWS 4.209)

Bottle: SMWS standard bottling. Code 4.209 means it’s a Highland Park and this one has been described on the bottle as “The Cinderella Cottage”. As with all of these they write an ode on the label to the liquid within… Nose: White wine, faint ash, parma ham and rosemary. Quite subtle but inviting nonetheless. Body: […]