Aberfeldy 1996 21 year old (Cadenheads)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling. Nose: A huge pineapple hit, palmier pastry, white wine and a little sap. Body: Medium and a little effervescent. Palate: Butterscotch, lemon and smoked cheese. An odd combination that doesn’t really work for me. Finish: Lemon rind, salt and smoked almonds. Neat/Ice/Water: 54.6%. I like this better with a […]

Togouchi Premium

Bottle: Dumpy style bottle with frosted green glass and a slightly tacky gold screw top. Label is in French and Japanese. I’m not entirely sure why… Nose: Faint smell of the beach. Sand, sea air, dry seaweed etc. Body: The colour is so pale it’s bordering on translucent. Watery and limp. Palate: Light butterscotch and […]

Cardhu Gold Reserve

Bottle: Squat and dimpled on the sides. Kinda cute. Eye-catching on 45 degree angle. Nose: Honey and toffee apple. A little on the faint side. Body: Light and kinda watery if I’m being honest. Palate: Honey, toasted cereals, oak. and red apple skins. Finish: Medium length with barley sugar, faint faint lemon zest and a […]

Springbank Local Barley 2006 11 year old

Bottle: Springbank local barley bottling 2017 release (9000 bottles out turn). Nose: Acetone, a little wood smoke and toffee apple. Body: Oily and a touch brackish. Palate: Runny honey, lemon zest, oregano and minerals. Finish: Medium length and slightly medicinal, some wood smoke returns and cinnamon heat rounds it out. Neat/Ice/Water: 53.1%. Water makes the nose muskier, the palate smokier […]

Glen Ord 1996 20 year old Chateau Lafitte Finish (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s wood range bottling. Nose: Boiled sweets, red pepper, strawberries and cream. Very nice to breathe and quite enticing. Body: Thick, syrupy and a bit brackish. Palate: Raspberries and rhubarb switching to marzipan and hay. It’s a little odd this one I must say. Finish: Rosemary, cherry liqueur and raspberry jelly. Something clashing here, the herbs […]

Bowmore 18

Bottle: Standard Bowmore bottling. Nose: Fresh wet sand on the beach. A little sulphur, a little varnish, a little toffee. Body: Lighter side of medium and quite silky. Palate: Sour medicinal notes, bonfire smoke, a dash of balsamic and bitter chocolate. Finish: Gentle smoke, sawdust and lingering sour plums. Neat/Ice/Water: At 43% it doesn’t need […]

Glenfarclas 12

Bottle: Older edition of the standard distillery bottling (90’s I think). Nose: Boiled sweets, pine sap, light smoke and cream. Body: Light-medium and silky. Palate: Pineapple cream, gentle smoke, clove and slightly bitter, medicinal twist in the tail. Finish: Good length. Toffee apple, white pepper, cinnamon and lingering, gentle smoke. Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. No need to dilute it […]

Glentauchers 1991 18 year old (G&M)

Bottle: A Gordon & Macphail bottling in a classic whisky style. Nose: Quite soft and dusty. Faint musk, orange juice, lime cordial and hay. Body: Very light. Too light. Tiniest hint of wax. Palate: Super smooth but largely anonymous in terms of flavour. A little brown sugar, faint gingerbread and a some oak comes through […]

Glenlivet 15

Bottle: Classical, with a bit of extra weight to it. The glass seems thicker perhaps? Nose: Honey and barley sugar mostly with a bit of sherry and cream. Pretty much identical to the 18 year old I have to say. A bit more floral perhaps? Body: Medium. Palate: Honey, cereals and cream with a touch of orange […]

Tomatin 10

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle styling with a screw top instead of the usual cork stopper. Nose: Vanilla, gingerbread, after dinner mints. Body: Light and silky. Palate: Cereals, barley sugar, butter menthol sweets. Finish:  Medium length and drying. Malty with a touch of white pepper. Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. It’s very smooth and only 40%. Verdict: Average. This distillery […]