Happiness by the dram…

All whiskies reviews are categorized by region and rated as either:

1 – Avoid / 2 – Average / 3 – Quaffable / 4 – Superior / 5 – Stunning

I’m going to start with the bottle itself which I don’t see in many other places. After all we eat with our eyes (or in this case drink) and it’s naive to think that the vessel which holds the spirit has no bearing on the purchase decision. The bottle makes the promise but will the spirit deliver?

I’ll go with the traditional Nose / Body / Palate / Finish descriptions but will to force myself to list only the dominant aromas & flavors of each malt. About 3 or so unless things get very interesting…

Neat, Ice or Water? I’ll talk about that as well.

Lastly, I’ll do my best to inject some life into each review and to respect the malt in hand.


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